Professional Counselling Services

Professional Counselling Services

Fees & Questions


How much?

A full hour session at Men’s Work is $180 including GST. Cash or cheque on the day, or payment through internet banking, are preferred options. Funding through agencies such as Work & Income might also be possible; this can be discussed within our free half hour consult.

How scary?

On their first visit many guys have admitted they were wary of coming. Strange ideas of what counselling is make it a pretty uncomfortable prospect. Men's Work is about providing a space where there is no pressure or expectations - consider it just 'having a yarn'. Book a free no-obligation chat and come see how scary it really is for yourself.

How long?

It varies, with some guys making very quick progress over only a few sessions. It will depend on the individual and of course, the issues presented, but our aim is to provide quick and effective change. Our expectation would be that a noticeable change would have occurred within 3 to 4 sessions.

How come?

There would be many reasons why guys would come to Men's Work. Some common ones are: anger related problems, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and abuse issues. Concerns with work and relationships can also be addressed through counselling, as well as discussing strategies for coping with major life challenges and goal setting.

How often?

Once weekly is a standard arrangement but by no means the only. Arrangements with each individual client is made around frequency of appointments. A ‘checking in’ appointment every few months can also be extremely beneficial for those wanting to maintain changes.

Where do I start?

The best place to start is by making an appointment for a free half hour consult. This allows us to meet and chat informally about what counselling is and how it might help. No obligations are made to continued sessions - it allows you to get a feel for whether this counselling stuff might work for you.
Contact us to make an appointment.

Men\'s Work Professional Counselling Services - Fees & Questions
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