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Professional Counselling Services

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When it comes to dealing with the stress and mental challenges that life throws at us there are several strategies that can be extremely beneficial. One of the most underrated is that of physical exercise; getting out on the pushbike, going for a surf, or even a walk gets the blood flowing through the system and increases levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine – all neurotransmitters that are associated with elevated mood. As well as these physiological benefits are other benefits such as a change in focus, self-efficacy, and social interaction, all which enhance our feelings of wellbeing.

Underneath all this jargon is the bottom line: Exercise makes us feel good.

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John Kirwan talks about the benefits of exercise when he was experiencing depression, Buck Shelford’s book is based on the principles of feeling better through exercise and nutrition, and I have my own personal experiences of utilizing exercise to help cope with life’s ‘crappy’ moments. I became interested enough in this link between physical and mental wellness to train as a Personal Fitness Trainer in an effort to enhance the help I can provide through counselling.

It is certainly not my main focus but, if you wish to, we can discuss simple ways in which exercise and a change in dietary habits can help to augment the work we do through counselling therapy. No yelling at you like a drill-sergeant, just some good-sense advice on how exercise might become an enjoyable and beneficial way for you to help cope through your 'crappier' times.

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