A unique service

Welcome to Men's Work.

For over a decade Men's Work has provided a unique environment and approach to counselling, that resonates well with men in particular. Providing sound and practical solutions for clients, without all the 'fluffy' nonsense normally associated with therapy, Men's Work helps achieve results quickly and effectively.

As the founder and creator of Men's Work, I'm always thinking of how to better the client's experience. I'm an avid reader of things 'psychological', and have a particular interest in how to incorporate current neuroscience findings into therapy. As a fitness trainer I also value ideas around looking after one's physical health, and I believe a balanced way of living, with a deliberate focus towards planned outcomes, is a huge factor in achieving a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

To help clients further I am constantly creating a collection of resources, some of which can be accessed by following the links below.

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