Professional Counselling Services

Professional Counselling Services

Pete Westbury - Director / Senior Therapist

Pete Westbury - Mens Work Professional Counselling Services - Director / Senior Therapist

I would describe myself a fairly typical kiwi guy; have always been into sports, music, outdoor stuff, and 'toys'. I am a father, a son, a brother, and a mate, who recognises that sometimes we just need to acknowledge some of the crap that we go through.

Through my own life experiences, and since beginning my counselling training in the mid '90s, I have recognised the distinct lack of professional help tailored specifically for men. Added to that was the challenge for guys to open up and talk about stuff, which just wasn't considered cool.

We see time and again the results of ‘real men’ who bottle stuff up until it explodes – or implodes. Violence, depression, drugs, and stress; it's not easy keeping some of this stuff hidden away.

Seeking professional help is not an easy thing to do either when you're a bloke but getting through those dark times is something made so much easier with the help of a therapist.

And where does a bloke find such a service?

The company

Men's Work has been a concept and passion of mine for a while now. Combining a number of proven therapeutic techniques with common sense enables effective ways of working with matters of a psychological nature, but the focus on providing a service for men is where Men's Work truly finds its identity.

Men's Work allows a space where men can be themselves, and sometimes this involves filthy language and some joking around. Conversations of motorcycles, sports, music and cars are commonplace.

The office

Confidentiality for you the client is paramount and so every effort has been made to establish private and discreet surroundings. Our current location is at 169 London Street, with a very private room situated at the end of a quiet corridor. Book a free half hour consult to come see for yourself.

The blah blah

For some, qualifications and stuff are important and, so yes, I can tell you that I hold a Bachelor of Applied Social Science, Counselling Degree, and am a Certified Personal Trainer. I'm also a Professional Member of the American Counsellors Association.

Does it mean anything?

Sure it's nice to have proof that I should know what the hell I'm talking about and, in the field of psychology, qualifications are extremely important. It is in forming working relationships with clients though where I place a real significance.

Remaining relevant to an ever changing world, I also place importance on continued learning and education in the field of counselling and psychology.

My past experience includes years at Lifeline Waikato, contracts at local high schools, and Waikeria prison where I facilitated men's groups, plus plenty of volunteer work with a variety of clients. Currently I see blokes from all walks of life, with a vast range of issues. Two things they all have in common though are the courage to acknowledge there is something not quite right, and the bravery to seek help to address it.

Level 2, 169 London Street, Hamilton 3240   T 021 058 2208   E [email protected]
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