A practical approach

Stress is an everyday part of our lives and, in fact, we need a certain level of stress to function well. Many of us though are experiencing far more than is healthy. By taking a pragmatic approach to explore the stressful elements of our lives we can begin to understand, utilize, and manage stress in a far more rational and purposeful way.

  • What is stress?
  • Your brain & its operations.
  • Learning to monitor your emotional levels.
  • Strategizing your way forward.

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Are you looking after yourself?

A large part of our mental health is dictated by our physical state, which can be broken down to three major components; exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Often, a few small changes in these areas can elicit huge benefits both short and long term in addressing stress levels. So too can other simple 'tweaks' when applied to different areas in our lives.

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