Heroes11 Jul 2023

Hymns for the Broken #2

Thoughts inspired by song lyrics.

I had opportunity recently to observe the actions of others, in a group assigned to accomplishing a certain outcome.
It stood out to me, as I pondered on my experience afterward, that there were several individuals who stood out in tackling the jobs assigned. With much energy, they went about their tasks with no complaining went things became difficult.

In trying to pick apart what it was that drew my attention to these people I began thinking further about, not only how I might begin to emulate these traits so that they become more manifest in my own actions and behaviours, but how to strengthen the practice of noticing them in the first place.
Also, it is often the small, seemingly trivial actions undertaken that have profound effects over time. Might I then pay more attention to these characteristics in others to further enhance my own ‘self’?

While it’s not a bad thing to look at the achievements of those who reside in the ‘Hall of Fame’ - they can inspire and motivate us - might it serve us better, on a more pragmatic level, to understand the lesser noticed elements that go toward building greatness?

How do we choose our ‘heroes’?

What is it about them specifically that we admire?

How do we begin to incorporate these traits into our own being?