Long overdue, but finally here!3 Feb 2016

Long overdue, I am now pleased to see the new Men’s Work website up & running.

I have held back going live with the new site for several reasons - some valid and others less so. The past few years for example have not been conducive for creating certainty around delivery of my services; the fast-changing landscape of counselling & therapy had me hold back from finalizing what I wanted to present.

I’ll acknowledge to my procrastinating, knowing that once this website was ‘live’ I would be a busy man keeping it fresh and updated in the way I envisaged. “There is work to do” I realized.

The time however seemed right at the close of 2021 to push forward and enter the new year with renewed energy toward creating a practice I believe is going to be of much better value to clients.

The site itself has had a facelift and an update, making it an easier process for navigating and arranging appointments etc., but the big focus is on creating regular resource material for clients, as well as news and articles posted here to hopefully broaden thoughts and ideas. My hopes are that this will become a place where the knowledge of many can benefit even more.

Over a decade of working full-time with a predominantly male clientele has, of course, provided thousands of interactions with some incredibly amazing people. I learn so much from every single one that I work with, and this knowledge combines to further help others. In this regard, my clients may never fully appreciate the far-reaching consequential benefits of engaging in a therapeutic process. The work they do on themselves as individuals is more immediately felt by family, close friends, or work colleagues, but even this has effects that can extend from there in a multitude of ways.

I am incredibly grateful to all those brave and courageous souls who have ventured into the realm of therapy via Men’s Work. The effort put in and the work done is inspires me immensely to learn and grow more myself. Both as a practitioner and as an individual.

So …
Here’s to you; the wonderful blokes who have stepped up and changed lives.
Here’s to me pulling finger and keeping this rolling.
Here’s to the next phase of Men’s Work.